Here's Your Gecko

Here are our available geckos :) 
We accept payment plans.  We require a 20% down non-refundable deposit and can work

with you on the length of time to pay.  We want you to get the HYG gecko you want so let

us know how we can help you!  Thanks!!!!

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Big news at HYG!!  A pairing we have been working on for a few years has begun to produce...Memphis x Nova babies are now hatching!!!  Their first baby hatched out on 4-4-19 and is already bright cream!  These are going to be amazing!!  Stay tuned for pics.  We'll have a pic of Nova up soon as well.  She is a full pin with tons of bright cream!  She is every bit as pretty as Memphis is handsome!!  Thanks all!!!

Here is Mercedes :)  Another beautiful hatchling from Nova and Memphis.  That crazy black ink spot is something else!  I think it has legs, lol!  With parents like Mercedes has this will be another stunning adult without a doubt!  $350.00 plus shipping.  
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