Here's Your Gecko

Here are our available geckos :) 
We accept payment plans.  We require a 20% down non-refundable deposit and can work

with you on the length of time to pay.  We want you to get the HYG gecko you want so let

us know how we can help you!  Thanks!!!!

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Winchester.  Ariah X Abel, 15 grams, no pores. $450.00 plus shipping.  SOLD :)

Squirrel. Ariah X Abel. 10 grams, no pores.  $350.00 plus shipping.  SOLD :)

Swift.  Ariah X Abel. 12 grams no pores.  $500.00 Plus shipping. SOLD :)

Cali.  Liv x Memphis.  11.5 gram possible male.  $500.00 plus shipping. SOLD :)
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